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IPT Markets clients can speculate and profit on the movements of major world indices such as Dow Jones, NASDAQ, S&P, DAX and FTSE through CFD instruments. Investors are allowed to bet on two side of the movements as such buying an index if a rise is expected and selling the index if the investor is expecting a fall. In this way, an investor is able to trade a world index without actually buying or selling the component stocks.

Each stock in an index is included in the calculation of its overall value. Performance of the stocks which compose the index determines the overall direction. Thus, if US Dow Jones index is up, there are more buyers than sellers for the index which implies that the stock prices have gone up in overall. On the other hand, if there are more sellers than buyers for the stocks, the index value is supposed to go down.

The value of a single stock can give insights into the financial outlook of a specific firm. However, indices represent the overall health of markets, sectors and the economy. Thus, the indices allow traders to invest in a sector or economy rather in a specific company.




Benefits of Trading Indicies with IPT Markets

Ability to Invest in Major World Indices

IPT Markets’ trading platform features indices of major economies.

Leverage up to 100:1

Traders can use the benefit of lower margin requirements.

Tight Spreads and Low Commission

IPT Markets charges low spreads and low transaction commission on indices.

Real Time Quotes and Charts

Our MT5 platform provides instant and synced price quotes.


How the we keep our clients' funds protected?

Regulated Global Broker

IPT Markets is a global forex broker that holds a special brokerage license at Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC). VFSC demands and audits licensed financial services providers to meet certain capital requirements and to implement strict operational procedures in terms of risk management, staff training and accounting.

Qualified Personnel

IPT Markets employs more than 150 staff members of which 85 per cent has more than five years professional experience in finance and investment sectors. Our senior personnel have professional background from industry giants such as Credit Agricole, Barclays and Nomura. IPT Markets staff is always at the disposable of clients to assist them for their needs and inquiries in all levels.

Negative Balance Protection

Negative Balance Protection ensures that clients never owe to the broker. In the case of high slippage due to severe market volatility, we top up clients’ balance to 0 if the balance turns to negative. Thus the clients won’t be forced to pay for the negative amount.

Funds Stored in Segregated Accounts

The funds of IPT Markets clients are kept in the segregated bank accounts, which guarantee that client deposits are not used for the Company’s operational and investment expenses.

Modern Encryption Technology

IPT Markets implements the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) cryptographic technology, which provides secure connections for making transactions. Data is encrypted to prevent identity theft and to be accessed by other parties during its transmission.

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