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Click to Download 'How to Open an Account' Guide in PDF Format.

1st Step - Click to 'OPEN REAL ACCOUNT' button.

2nd Step - Fill the application form and click to 'OPEN LIVE ACCOUNT' button.

3rd Step - Choose your spread type and click to 'CREATE' in order to open your account.

In order to verify your account, please send your ID’s (or passport) back and front side and an utility bill no older than 3 months to [email protected]

1st Step - Choose your preferred deposit method. Complete the required information and fund your account.

1st Step - Go to 'Trading Platforms' section on the main menu. Click to 'MetaTrader 5'.

2nd Step - Download MetaTrader 5.

3rd Step - Install the platform and go to File - Login to Trade Account.

4th Step - Put your login information on the popped up window and make sure 'IndexPremiumTradesMarket-Live' selected as server. Click 'OK' and start trading.

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